Predictive Security World - Predictive Technologies for Cybersecurity | September 24-26, 2018 – Marseille, France



Corporate Presentation:

ICTK has developed a chip-based security solution utilizing VIA PUF (physical unclonable function), a new-generation digital fingerprint. With our Unclonable PUF based ID, which the ID is randomly created during its manufacturing process (rather than being added onto memory) without the use of memory (it stays as physical forms and only turns into binary codes through crypto-algorithm) which is free from being copied. It created the most secure and cost-effective way to provide security solution. This unclonable identification and encryption key is applicable to smart devices, smart grids, intelligent automobiles and many other IoT sectors.

Product Description:

The VIA PUF Authenticator, IL005 (GIANT) from ICTK, Korea is the worlds’ first commercial product available in mass production based on VIA PUF technology. It is structured with VIA PUF, E2PROM, SHA256, and logics. It also has interface for I2C and one wire interface. Unlikely other PUF technologies, VIA PUF technology has excellent repeatability and randomness, and yet it doesn’t require any support from Error Correction Code.

By the benefit of VIA PUF, IL005 (GIANT) provides high degree of safety features of Secure Memory, M2M authentication, and HMAC. Therefore, its application can be applied to various areas such as IoT security for the end node devices, various accessary authentication for Printer Cartridge, E-cigarette cartridge, smartphone accessories and battery, Drone security and parts authentication, Secure Boot, Firmware protection, etc.

ICTK plans its upcoming product, IL102 (GIANT II) with the contactless authenticator which comes with NFC communication function for the non-electronic products. It gives excellent features for anti-counterfeiting, and preventing from night-shifting. Its system also supports collecting big data from consumers for using marketing activities.

Its product roadmap shows to move into significant application fields, including FinTech, and Smartcard.


Consult the demos description on this link.