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Eurosmart is a non-profit association located in Brussels for over twenty years which represents the voice of the smart security industry for multi-sector applications. Eurosmart gathers global technology providers with a strong expertise in the management of digital security within hostile environments. All its members have common European roots and take pride in their support to the achievement of the European Union’s Digital Single Market. They joined the association to help carrying the voice of the digital security industry, and are committed to ensuring that Europe builds on their worldwide leadership and expertise.

Eurosmart aims to enhance the usability of services in the connected world, by promoting security technologies designed to combat fraud and safely manage digital identities while protecting consumers and citizens’ right for privacy.

Eurosmart advocates the use of hardware with strong security functions. The association expresses recommendations on the best ways to secure content, and supports the deployment of certified and standardized solutions that integrate security and privacy by design features. In addition to its activities in standardisation and market analysis, Eurosmart has a specific interest in the European Union’s policies on digital security. It carefully monitors legislative initiatives in this area, and reaches out to institutional and non-institutional stakeholders for information and awareness purposes.